New Resources from the Dana Center

(courtesy of Heather Ortiz, State Implementation Specialist, Charles A. Dana Center, University of Texas at Austin)

  • Mathematics Pathways to Completion: Setting the Conditions for Statewide Reform in Higher Education — Community College Research Center released its mid-term report that described the structure of the MPC project and the technical assistance supports provided by the Dana Center in its MPC states. Drawing on 33 semi-structured interviews with mathematics faculty, state-level leaders, and technical assistance providers across the six states, this report identified five critical dimensions of scaling mathematics pathways statewide.
  • A Statewide Effort in Arkansas to Align Mathematics Pathways to Non-STEM Programs of Study (Notes from the Field – Number 6) — Many institutions implementing and scaling math pathways are faced with the challenge of enrolling students in relevant gateway math courses that are aligned to their programs of study. When faculty and policy agencies in Arkansas understood the impact of transfer and applicability of math courses on students, they committed to state-level action and coordination to address the problem. In an effort to increase student success in math and increase overall degree completion at a large scale, Arkansas stakeholders set into motion strategic policy action to provide statewide guidance and alignment of non-STEM math courses to programs of study.
  • The Dana Center Blog – Reflections, Thought Leadership, Experience – since January, the Dana Center Blog has enabled Dana Center staff to share their stories, ideas, and passions with you. We have talked, among other things, about how we evolved our math identities, ways to support our students and teachers, and new thinking on the importance of belonging. Check out the newest Dana Center blog – “Policy, Systemic Change, and The Dana Center Way” – by Carl Krueger at


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