Shift to Remote Learning

Due to COVID-19, in March 2020, as colleges were preparing to end the winter quarter and prepare for spring, faculty were forced to shift quickly away from in person instruction. The resources below were developed to help faculty in that transition and to support them as they worked to move beyond emergency remote instruction as conditions made it clear that many colleges would not be seeing students in person until late in 2021.

  • Student Engagement: Getting and Keeping Students Motivated and Connected: Power Point Slides
  • Technology: Hardware and Software that can Facilitate Teaching and Learning: Power Point Slides


  • Assessing Mathematical Learning in the Era of Covid 19 After talking to folks in office hours, listening to faculty at web meetings, and reading responses from across the state and the nation, it is obvious that one of the primary concerns for faculty is their ability to accurately assess the mathematical learning of students. Laura Schueller has tried to capture some of her learning in this document.
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