Math for the Liberal Arts

The Liberal Arts math pathway offers students an opportunity to increase their mathematical, logical, and problem solving skills.  It is designed specifically for students who are interested in degree paths that only require a general quantitative reasoning course.

In 2013, a group of committed mathematics faculty worked to create a common course description for the common course numbered Math for Liberal Arts (Math& 107) course offered by Washington Community and Technical Colleges.  MathforLAPathway_Jan2013

The description sets some basic expectations for 80% of the content to be covered in Math& 107 with the remaining 20% to be determined at the level of either the college or individual faculty.  While the underlying mathematical content is outlined, the particular context is not.  A number of colleges offer Math& 107 with particular themes to connect the content to the interests and goals of the students and to provide a cohesive thread through the course.  Some examples include: Social Justice, Early Childhood Education, Games, History of Mathematics, and Current Events.

Many colleges offer students an alternative to the traditional algebra pathway for students interested in the Liberal Arts math pathway.  Within the last couple of years, a few colleges have begun to offer corequisite support for Math& 107 which has allowed most students in this pathway to enroll directly out of high school into the college level course without requiring any standalone precollege coursework.

Although the 2013 course description has allowed a great deal of flexibility for faculty, some have expressed interest in revisiting this course in the near future to see if it needs a significant revision.

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