Status of Math Pathways in WA


Building on the work of Averbeck and Burn, in Fall 2019 and Winter 2020, Laura Schueller (SBCTC), with the support of College Spark Washington, visited each of the 34 Community and Technical Colleges in Washington to interview groups of faculty and administrators and collect information that could reflect a new snapshot in time of the state of mathematics.  In Summer 2020, Schueller published her learnings in a Landscape Analysis.

Washington Community and Technical Colleges Mathematics Landscape 2020



From Fall of 2016 through 2017, as part of the Washington Math Pathways for Completion initiative, Pat Averbeck (Edmonds)  with the assistance of Helen Burn (Highline) investigated the status of math pathways in Washington CTCs and created both a full report with flowcharts from each college (Averbeck) and a summary analysis (Averbeck and Burn).

Full Math Pathways Report: Math Pathways Flow Charts

Summary Analysis (Averbeck and Burn): Math Pathways Summary Analysis

The report reflected a snapshot in time and highlighted many of the innovations that colleges had implemented in response to student needs.

As colleges continued to revise and improve their math pathways, the specific college diagrams/flow charts became more complicated with new placement models, bucket courses, corequisites, and bridges between pathways.  In 2019, Averbeck attempted to update the Flow Charts, but the rapidly changing landscape and increasingly complicated models made meaningful, up to date flow charts a nearly impossible goal.


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